Hurricane Damage Claim

 If you have spend a summer in Florida, you understand how often hurricanes effect our state. Therefor having adequate insurance is paramount. If your house or property have been damaged by a hurricane, let Sunshine State Law guide you through your claim.

Even if you carry hurricane insurance and pay your premiums every month on time, your insurance company can still deny your claim. This is why it is so important to have proper representation when making a claim. At Sunshine State Law we have lawyers that specialize in these claims and understand the ins and outs of dealing with an insurance company. Trying to navigate a claim, with no experience, can cost you thousands of dollars. It costs nothing to have one of our attorneys review your case.  


What To Do If You Have Experienced Hurricane Damage? 

  • Do what you can to protect your home from any other damage. If there is a leak in the roof, cover it with a tarp to prevent any more water damage. You must do whatever you can in your power to protect your property.
  • Document any damage with photos and videos as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Make a written inventory of any damage.
  • File a claim with your insurance.
  • Call Sunshine State Law for a free review of your case.

What Should Your Homeowners Insurance Cover? 

When a hurricane hits the damage is usually widespread. When that happens there is usually a flood of claims all at the same time. Claims can be rushed and prone to error. We can guide you through this process. We will make sure your claim has been properly assessed and documented so your don’t end up with an underpaid claim or complete denial.

Damage from hurricanes can be substantial. In addition floods can accompany a hurricane and unless you carry flood insurance, your insurance company could deny a significant portion of your claim. This does not mean there is no hope. Contacting Sunshine State Law could save you from serous out of money costs and we never take a fee unless there is a recovery. 

Our firm is resolving claims for Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Florance, and Hurricane Michael. If you are still fighting with a claim from one of these hurricanes contact us today for a free evaluation. 

Taking Action When the Unthinkable Occurs

If a hurricane is heading in your direction, take lots of photos of your house and belongings BEFORE it arrives. If the hurricane does affect your area and cause damage to your house you will have a document of the condition and contents of your home. As with any claim, take as many after pictures and videos as you can. This can be the best way to build your case when making a claim. 

Happy Clients 

This being my first car accident, I had no clue what to do and Sunshine State Law Firm helped me through the whole process. They took the time in my life that was scary, confusing, frustrating and walked me through it. Its been an absolute blessing to have Sunshine State Law Firm by my side and I can’t thank everyone enough for their help.

-Rick Martinez - March 17, 2020

I had an accident around October of last yr. A friend put me In contact Sunshine State law firm. From day one they made me feel like family and assured me that I was in great hands. The whole process went down with a worry. I pray that I never get into another car accident but if I do. I know who to call. Thanks again Simon and the team at Sunshine state firm.

-Jerome Preston - March 16, 2020

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